Jensen Beach

Two Poems

JESSE DELONG‘s work has appeared in Colorado Review, Mid-American Review, American Letters and Commentary, Indiana Review, Painted Bride Quarterly, and Typo, as well as the anthologies Best New Poets 2011 and Feast: Poetry and Recipes for a Full Seating at Dinner. His chapbooks, Tearings, and Other Poems and Earthwards, were released by Curly Head Press. Read more →


EMILY DROMGOLD is a junior at Wellesley College studying creative writing, Chinese and music. She’s interested in the intersections between the arts and how they rely on one another to express what it means to be human. Her most recent publication acceptances were to Z Publishing, Lily Poetry Review, Paragon Press and the Otherwise Engaged Journal. Besides writing, she also loves spending time with friends and family, playing piano and dancing. Read more →

Wendell in a Potato

J. ALAN NELSON is a writer, poet and actor. He has stories, screenplays and poetry published or forthcoming in several journals. He also played the lead in “Gay Cake,” the verbose “Silent Al” in the Emmy-winning SXSWestworld and the creepy Rev. Bob Jones in the feature “Sister Aimee.” His IMDB link: Read more →

The Atlantic

TIM FAGAN spends his days writing poetry and fiction in a converted piano factory near Boston, Massachusetts. His poetry has appeared in Chariton Review, The Avalon Literary Review, Wild Violet, The Mystic Blue Review, and elsewhere. His first novel, Killing Shore, was published in 2018. Read more →

Ode to the Valley

JENSEN MCRAE is in her final year at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, majoring in popular music performance with an emphasis in songwriting. Jensen was born and raised in Los Angeles, graduating from Harvard-Westlake in 2015, where she won the John K. Sandifer Award for creative writing and competed on the school’s slam poetry team in her junior and senior years. Jensen’s poetry has been published in *Hooligan, Into the Void,* *Occulum*, and *Alchemy, *and is forthcoming from *Foglifter. *In March 2018, Jensen came in second place at the USC Undergraduate Writer’s Conference for her collection of poems, *Requiem for Bundy*. In March 2019, she came in second place at the USC Undergraduate Writer’s Conference for her collection of poems, *Manic Pixie American Dream.* She has written four novel manuscripts, four feature screenplays, several short screenplays, and hundreds of songs and poems. Read more →

The Winter We Learn to Drive

JOHN L. BYRNE is a queer writer from Nebraska, currently living in Charleston, South Carolina, where he is a second year MFA Candidate in poetry at the College of Charleston. He currently works in a haunted bookstore and as a teaching assistant for creative writing classes in poetry. He has work forthcoming in 2019 from Roanoke Review.
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Bill Bradney Has a Problem

MICHAEL T. SMITH is an Assistant Professor of the Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University, where he received his PhD in English. He teaches cross-disciplinary courses that blend humanities with other areas. He has published over 40 pieces in over 20 different journals (mostly within the past year). He also has critical work recently published in Symbolism and Cinematic. He loves to travel.
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God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman

KEITH CARVER, of Michigan, is a transnational educrat with a DHS file and big-boy striver debt. Ex-Fulbright/Cub Scout. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in *Rust + Moth, Blacktop Passages, Adelaide, Your Impossible Voice, and a*rmarolla*. *He lives near the Black Sea with his wife. Read more →