The Student Literary Journal of Northern Vermont University

Jan Dream


In that dream who was it so lanky and tan
who parked and waved and excitedly ran?
I know who it was I am sure it was Jan
who decided at last I could be the right man,
she parked her long Chevrolet on the edge of a hill
and she waved as if I were the key to her plan
and she comically jumped up and down so glad
to see me where I stood on the steps of a library
motionless and doubtful on the steps of a library
where she thought it was boring for me to be sad
so she decided to save me from being boring and sad
and she waved to me excitedly
and the ribbon in her hair was yellow and blue!
She must have decided to make my life new
in a blazing of yellow and blue
so I would not die on the steps of the library —
from the way she waved I felt sure and I knew
it was Jan – she parked her lanky tan Chevrolet
and she waved and sort of hopped with joy
because she saw the right boy – who was it,
who was the woman so impetuous, so brashly bold
waving and jumping forth from that long sedan?
It was Jan! It was Jan – she waved with no misgiving at all
and no doubt of who she was at all –
she came running down the gentle hill
holding a bag of homemade cookies
laughing in the gladness of seeing me and no other man.
She came running to me and she was Jan.