The Student Literary Journal of Vermont State University

I had a dream  I wasn’t so tense

 one pillow and one blanket were enough

 I didn’t make myself tremble like I was           wringing a wet rag;

feeding activated charcoal to a dog;

shitting my brains out because I tried

to do a cleanse.

someone I love knocked on the door and waited for me to come.

this time, I didn’t get stage fright.

my sister thought he was funny, like actually funny

she said “he’s funny” like she was surprised

he let me finish my sentence                             and I thought it was romantic.

he let the waitress finish the list of specials    and I thought it was romantic.

he acted like he didn’t know what I was

going to say.

SAMANTHA PROSSER is a young writer based in New York. Most recently, she wrote a webseries called Friendzoned that premiered on Youtube and Stareable.