The Student Literary Journal of Vermont State University

Across the ice-clad landmass rise ambitious
seracs from crevasses, even as frosty chunks
deliquesce into meltwater that speedily
funnels down a moulin into an abyss
unplumbed and one-way only.

Icefalls overhang cliffs like daring fixtures
undaunted by their precarious situation,
flaunting bravado, defying heat and time.

Nunataks oversee as tidewater glaciers calve icebergs
into the blue, buoyant offspring drifting
with floes on a pelagic journey
remote from humankind, fated to float
in a solitude disturbed only by seabirds.

From afar, bipedal creatures bask
in the aftermath of upheaval,
marveling at the musculature and finesse
of an otherworldly ambience.