The Student Literary Journal of Vermont State University

The Chariot

Traffic snails ahead
trickling lines slow gravel crunch
white blue pop of red hoods
gleaming metal sizzles
under robin’s egg sky.
I shuffle green-speckled cards
with exasperated hands.
Two horses gallop in opposite directions
over hill and horizon of what-ifs
long legs ground time under sharp hooves.
Drawing the Chariot
has me in stitches, reminds me
I do not always hold the reins.


The moon at crescent
among pointillism constellations:
it does not count to
charge your Tarot cards
in the energy of the Moon

if what really happened was:
you forget your deck
on the cold car
dashboard, left overnight.

Nine of Cups

Pulling the Nine of Cups
at year’s end,
thirty-first of December
denotes, you suppose,
the rest of the year
brimming with the abundance of
emotional fulfillment.

A day’s worth—
better than nothing.

PAIGE M. FERRO is a queer writer and editor living in Bend, Oregon. By day, and sometimes night, she is the Adult Programs Coordinator with Deschutes Public Library. When not writing, she can be found dabbling in the Tarot and picking cat hairs off her various sweaters.