Two Poems

Classroom Behavior
I am listening to the conversation ping-pong
across the room, the professor can’t shut it down.
The women sink in their seats as the men discuss
whether or not feminism is real.

The spaces in between the men’s voices leave no room
for a woman to rebuttal. A raised hand to my right
goes unnoticed when the professor glances at it.

My brain is sending signals down to the rest of my body,
say something…speak…speak…speak….

A chant, a voiceless choir, screaming in a 1920’s march
for women’s rights. Don’t raise your hand, the men don’t.

Once, I was told that the color of my eyes
were the exact same shade of green as the underwear he had on that day.
It was also the exact same shade as the bruise underneath his girlfriend’s chin.

A male student suggests that women
are too emotional to be President.

In Thai class last week, we were placed in pairs for an in-class activity.
While I sorted out the puzzle of words on my desk
my partner insisted on checking his tinder account.

Another raised hand goes unnoticed.

Once, I was called pretty instead of smart. When I pointed it out
I was named bitch of the week in high school for not being able to take
a compliment.

Another raised hand goes unnoticed.
A list of reasons why my previous employer is in jail:
According to you, my dream is to birth children and breast feed them
until they turn 2, because that’s what you read in a book somewhere and
I know nothing of my own body.

According to you, my body is something you have the right
to touch because I am your new secretary.

According to you, I should settle down with a nice man, and wait
for him to come home every night on my knees because I have
a fuckable mouth.

According to you, your wife wouldn’t mind if we had sex. She
didn’t mind with the last one.

According to you, I am a delusional woman who thinks only
of rainbows and unicorns, and the only time I should be
opening my mouth is if your penis is about to enter it.

According to you, I am unable to accommodate you in the
workplace because I refuse to spread my legs.

According to you, I am a liar, and I faked the audio tape that
landed you in jail.

According to all the other women, none of us lied.

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