When the zoo
flooded in Tbilisi
a rhinoceros
obtained during the
old Soviet
made a dash for freedom.
It headed for the caves
inside the sharp hills
rising just outside
the city center.

It was aided and guided
by a score of drunken men,
egged on by a dozen drunken women,
all pushing and leading
its massive armored ass
up the incline
toward the supposed safety
of the caves.

An escaped tiger
perched in an ornamental ginkgo tree
watched the whole procession
of the rhino and its benefactors,
then pounced down
and devoured one of the drunks.

CNN refused to air the video,
but the clip has already enjoyed
over ten million hits
on YouTube.

There’s a State of Emergency in Tbilisi.
Soldiers with automatic weapons
patrol the streets of the city
for renegade hippos, lions,
the rhinoceros.

Reuters now reports that all animals
are accounted for except
a dead tiger
and the rhino
in a cave,
waiting for the cover of night
to begin its thunderous march south,
somewhere, to a continent,
if it just keeps going.

MARC BERMAN is a business executive originally from Boston. He is a member of the adjunct faculty at The University of Massachusetts/Amherst where he teaches “The Business of Media.” He is immediate past President of The New England Public Radio Foundation, licensee of the regions’s NPR radio/media stations.