Demeter’s frozen tears fall gently.
The world becomes a shaken snow globe,
Tall walls of snow and ice stand still,
As snowballs rain like a meteor shower.

Fiery passion shrouds the air in mist,
Frozen fingers, huddling for peaceful warmth,
White horizon hidden by the tall, bare trees,
snowflakes whisper gently in the roaring silence.

Frozen in both time and space,
I am trapped in this horrific freedom,
My hair is coated with sweet, sweet sugar,
Nose illuminating, shining like the hot sun.

Just two souls, bound by luck,
Best friends, like dusty, old shoes,
In a frozen battleground, of laughter and smiles,
Time going faster than the speed of light.

Dusk approaches, scaring away the small sun,
White masterpiece, now a grayscale work in progress,
Laughter still echoing, resting in our frozen shelter,
All life is frozen, yet a life worth living.