Pamplemousse, formerly known as The Gihon River Review, published biannually, was founded in the fall of 2001 as a production of the BFA program at Johnson State College. Starting in the Fall of 2010, its production became based in a Literary Publishing class offered at the college by the BFA program, conducted by Professors Elizabeth A.I. Powell and Jensen Beach. Pamplemousse publishes high quality, forward thinking, innovative, and well-crafted writing in many genres and styles. We relish discovering new voices, as well as featuring established favorites.

Issues are $7 each. Submissions in poetry, fiction, graphic fiction, nonfiction, and art are read from September to May. Poetry submissions may not exceed five poems; fiction and nonfiction may not exceed twenty-five pages.

We frequently republish work from our pages on our website and will also consider work for online publication exclusively.



Elizabeth Powell, Jensen Beach


Molly McAllister, Jody Kifner, Andrew Lotto, Tracey Crocker, Emma Testerman, Hannah Burnham, Leah Duckett, Emily Clark, Hannah Stearns, Grace Willean, Kate Abdel-Fatah, Alteira Greene, Patrick Musgrave-Losey.